Keeping the trend of remote teams and tools for increasing engagement, eNPS and EVP in the company

Prerequisites for keeping the trend of distributed teams

  1. Prerequisite № 1 — habit, comfort, and economic viability for employees.
  • 67% of companies said their productivity was actually the same;
  • 27% of companies said their productivity was higher than it was before the pandemic.
  • Performetric — an AI to control the condition and effectiveness of indirect indicators.
  • HelthHero — health monitoring based on indirect behavioral indicators with a focus on health (not only mental, but also physical). It can also analyze data in all basic messengers, compatible with slack.
  • Range — a tracking tool for the level of engagement and tasks completion in small teams. Perfect for starting work remotely, especially for managers.

Engagement tools, eNPS and EVP

  • achieve twice the annual net income of organizations whose employees lag behind on engagement (see Figure 1);
  • achieve seven times greater 5-year TSR than organizations whose employees are less engaged (see Figure 2).

Tool 1: Online Travel

  • strengthen the culture of the remote team.

Tool 2: IceBreaker Quiz

  • boost collaboration among remote employees;
  • inspire laughter and communication.

Тool 3: Online Mafia

  • develop leadership.
  • optimize decision-making;
  • increase the productivity and involvement of employees.



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